Ever wondered how to automatically forward your end-to-end encrypted communication to your vacation replacement without having to compromise on end-to-end encryption?

Even if you only discovered that interesting question now, join us at SSE (Secure Systems Engineering) where Teetje will talk about “Proxy Re-Encryption” that tackles this cryptographically challenging topic. Doors will open at 18:30 with some drinks and snacks. There will be plenty of time to socialise and discuss any issues of interest.

Come and join our community of Berliners interested in cryptography and everything around it.

Proxy Re-Encryption (Teetje Stark)

Proxy Re-Encryption is a new cryptographic primitive that allows a semi-trusted third party (a proxy) to forward end-to-end encrypted messages to a second receiver without gaining access to the underlying plaintext. This talk gives an overview of the different flavours of Proxy Re-Encryption. It further provides an example of how the “most useful” property, unidirectionality, is commonly achieved by looking at one of the schemes.

Get slides (pdf)