This time we’ll meet at Genua GmbH where we’ll get an introduction into the Internet Key Exchange protocol (IKEv2) as well a version that is resistant to attacks from quantum computers. There will be plenty of time to socialise and discuss any issues of interest. Come and join our community of Berliners interested in cryptography and everything around it.

IKEv2 in a nutshell (Stefan-Lukas Gazdag)

IKEv2 is the almost 15-year old key agreement protocol for IPsec, a popular protocol suite mainly used for providing Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) over IP networks. While IPsec only describes securing the connection itself, the key agreement is kept as a modular extra step. In this presentation we provide a basic overview and insight into the inner workings of IKEv2 and explain some of the rationals behind design decisions.

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Going quantum-resistant: preparing IKEv2 for the quantum era (Tobias Heider)

Currently the IT industry is preparing for the emerging threat of scalable quantum computers which could break or weaken commonly used cryptographic schemes, thus compromising secure infrastructure and applications. Discussions on how to secure the Internet Key Exchange v2 in the future are ongoing and not yet converging to a single agreed on solution. The reason are different limitations or requirements by the protocol, implementations, the manufacturers or the users, respectively (just like with many other protocols). In this talk we examine promising approaches and explain the reasons for the trouble we currently have with adapting protocols.

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