This time we’ll meet at SSE (Secure Systems Engineering) where Christoph will give us an introduction into quantum cryptography and the BB84 protocol in particular. Doors will open at 18:30 with some drinks and snacks. There will be plenty of time to socialise and discuss any issues of interest. Come and join our community of Berliners interested in cryptography and everything around it.

Quantum Cryptography - From the basics of Quantum Mechanics to Secure Key Distribution (Christoph Hamsen)

Quantum mechanics describes nature at the level of single particles. Its effects often defy our intuition and lead to “ridiculous” consequences. Recent advances have sparked novel technologies with implications for modern cryptography. In my talk, I will focus on the first quantum-cryptographic protocol “BB84” which allows two parties to negotiate a provably secure private key by exchanging single photons known as quantum key distribution. I will introduce the physical basics, explain the working principle in detail and end with exciting developments and today’s application via satellites.

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