Getting started

Create a new .md file or copy an existing post in the _posts directory to get started. The post file name must be in this format:

Config for posts

#leave this alone
layout: post

#Whats the title of your event.
title:  "Talk on Provable Verifiable Randomness Extractors"

#Url to your cover photo for your event. [optional - default will be used if not given]
cover: ""

#The date of the event.
date:   2016-02-01 16:04:19 +0000

#Start time of the event
start_time: "12:00"

#end time of the event
end_time: "13:00"

#event organiser details
organiser: "Jane Doe"

#Make sure you setup your Organiser details in the \_data directory in the organisers.yml file

#Alternatively organiser details can be given as follows.
organiser_email: ""
organiser_name : "Jane Doe"
organiser_photo: ""


Post content

After you have setup your config, all you need to do now is write your content using markdown.

Test locally

jekyll serve allows you to test the website locally.

File a pull request with your changes

Take your changes and file a PR against